About Tiny Tower Liquor

In 2016 we opened our first bar, Martello Hall tucked away in Hackney, where we started distilling some gin in our copper still, Nicola.  Over the years we have opened more bars and added a small distillery each time.  In Teatro Hall we now have a dedicated Urban Distillery & Tasting Room with our handsome new 150 litre copper still.  Our tiny distilleries now work in partnership under Tiny Tower Liquor.  We still produce, bottle and wax seal all of our liquors by hand in our London bars.

Back when we opened our first bar, we wanted to recognise the importance of bartending.  In our kitchens, our chefs make everything from scratch and cook in traditional wood-fired pizza ovens.  We wanted to give our bartenders the same opportunity to work with handmade products, so we started distilling our own gin.

Our first still, Nicola, was handmade for us in the US for us by John Chapple. She is the daintiest and prettiest still we have and we cut our distilling teeth on her. She’s since been joined by Grace, Victor, Agnes and Nettie.  Our latest addition is Mary, a handsome 150 litre copper, can be found in our Urban Distillery at Teatro Hall. 

At Teatro Hall we have created our first Urban Distillery & Tasting Room. A full production distillery, tasting room and bottle shop. We produce, bottle and wax seal all of our gins by hand. Individually made and proudly independent.

Our gins are single-shot and heart-cut (the top and tail of the still run is discarded and we only take the best bit).  All our gins are distilled, bottled and wax sealed by hand.  We are proud to have won a bronze medal at the World Gin Awards 2021 for our Cattivo Small Batch Gin and silver medals at the London Spirits Competition 2021 for our Serata Hall Small Batch Gin and Cattivo Small Batch Gin. Buy online here for home delivery.