Our Bars

Urban bars with wood-fired pizza and gin distilleries. Open all-day and late-night, serving Londoners in the places they will and work. Coffee & hot-desking by day, cocktails & parties by night and everything in-between.

Quality, innovation & hard-work runs through everything we do, from sourcing local coffee, craft beers & tap wines to setting up in-house distilleries making our own small batch gins.

We make all our food from scratch, priding ourselves on banning freezers. If it can’t be made in-house it doesn’t make it on the menu.

Martello Hall, Hackney.

Renovating a classic East-End pub on Mare Street, Martello Hall has transformed the old victorian building into a decadent and louche cocktail-bar-cum-restaurant in Hackney. Set over three floors, Martello Hall has many different space from the large bar and banquet hall to the first floor cocktail lounge with private roof terrace. Martello Hall is open to 3am making it the perfect party place.

An authentic wood oven imported from Modena, Italy, delivers wood-fired pizzas.  Everything on the menu is made in house every day from our 72 hour fermented pizza dough to homemade pasta with 12-hour slow cooked beef.

Our first still, Nicola, site proudly above the bar.  She was handmade for us in the US for us by John Chapple. She is the daintiest and prettiest still we have and we cut our teeth on her.

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Canova Hall, Brixton.

Canova Hall breathes new air into one of Brixton’s most commemorated buildings in Brixton and celebrates the provenance of what used to be the worker’s hall of Britain’s first department store Le Bon Marché across the road. Canova Hall has the buzz and grandeur of a timeless old market canteen.

We installed our second wood-fired pizza oven and brought over our pizzas from our sister bar, Martello Hall.  We have twelve wines on tap. Environmentally better, fresh each time. All round it’s a better glass of wine.

We installed a copper pot still, Grace, at Canova Hall.  She helps make our single botanical base spirits for our gin blending masterclasses.

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Serata Hall, Old Street.

Serata Hall is located in the busy neighbourhood of Old Street; an all-day, late-night venue. Combining coal-fired pizza and homemade pasta with a cocktail bar, distillery, bakery, hot-desking and an event space; something for the wage earners, autonomous freelancers and late night revellers.

Taking influences from Canova Hall and Martello Hall, the food is centered on naturally powered food, using a coal oven. Everything on the menu is made on site, from the pizza dough that takes two days to prove to the homemade pasta made every day.  Embracing a European market hall approach we have the biggest selection of tap wine outside the United States, There are twelve wines available on tap which are environmentally better and fresher each time; all round it’s a better glass of wine.

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Botanica Hall, Clapham Junction.

As part of an iconic building, Botanica Hall's design was anchored on the original aesthetics. Rooted in faded grand halls, abandoned buildings of old and a nod to Edwardian department stores. We built our first Urban Vodka Distillery, with our handsome new copper still Henry, sitting alongside velvet booths, a large island bar, our DJ balcony and our raised open kitchen.

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Teatro Hall, Ealing.

Opening in March 2022, Teatro Hall is rejuvenating a grand, old Art Deco theatre in the centre of Ealing. Like our sister bars, we are importing a charcoal fired pizza oven from Italy and will make all our food from scratch. Hot-desking will be a the heart of our daytimes with plenty of plug sockets and super fast WiFi. Weekends will have our famous Bottomless Brunch and our dedicated party bar which will be perfect for hosting private parties and events.

We are launching our first Urban Distillery & Tasting Room at Teatro Hall where we host our Gin Masterclasses, Gin Tastings and guests can bottle and wax seal their own gin from our large demijohns to take home.  It will be a full production distillery, tasting room and bottle shop. Our gins are single-shot and heart-cut and we produce, bottle and wax seal all of our gins by hand. Individually made and proudly independent.

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